The Best Nagios monitoring chrome extension “Icinga Status”


Most of the sysadmins will always prefer Nagios as a monitoring tool.

If you are using Nagios from the beginning and monitoring the Linux or Windows servers then you know that you can use Nagios web GUI for checking the alerts about the systems.

Also, when you have defined the contacts, email ids in Nagios. At that time you will receive the critical alerts by SMS or emails.

To check Nagios alerts, We always need to go to either Nagios GUI, check emails, or phones for Nagios related alerts.
And sometimes when we are busy with another task we forget to check all these things and there will be chances of missing the important alerts.

In this article, I am going to provide you an awesome plugin that will help you to monitor the alerts without checking emails, Nagios GUI.

This plugin will help you to keep eye on what is going on with servers and applications, just by checking your browsers status bar that will show you the current status of servers and applications monitored by Nagios Server.

Below are the add-on or extensions available on both Firefox and Google-Chrome browser,

  • Icinga Status


Icinga Status is simply an open-source extension for Google Chrome™ that helps you watch over your Icinga or Nagios instance.

Features of Icinga Status

  • setup login, pass, and URL for Icinga
  • works with https (not tested on Http 🙂 )
  • display status of Icinga
  • display hosts and services with errors
  • change icon badge according to status (I will explain this in detail later)
  • handle acknowledged services and hosts
  • handle scheduled downtimes for hosts and services
  • check the status every X seconds – adjustable in options
  • reschedule check of host or service from the popup
  • link to acknowledge host or service
  • filtering of host/service list
  • setting ignored hosts or services with regular expressions

In this article, we will see the configuration of the Icinga extension with the Chrome browser.

Icinga Status for Google-Chrome

Step1: Add Icinga Status Extension

You can simply download and install the Icinga Status add-on from the below link,


Go to the URL and click on the “Add to Chrome” button. It will add an extension on the chrome browser status bar.

Icinga Status

Step 2: Configure Icinga Status

Now go to the left corner of the chrome status bar, You will find the icon of Icinga.

Right-click on it and then go to the “Options”. It will open the configuration page of Icinga.

On the Configuration page, Enter the Username and Password which you used to login in to “Nagios GUI“.

Then add the “status.cgi” URL which is in default URL like “”.

Don’t use “Icinga” in the URL as shown in the example URL otherwise, it will give you a 404 error.

After filling in all the details click on the “Save” button.

Nagios Monitoring Icinga Status

Step 3: Check Icinga Status

Now Click on the “Icinga” icon then it will show you all your servers that are available in Nagios for monitoring.

In the Overview section, You will get the total no. of Host Up/Down, etc. Whenever you will get the critical message on Nagios then you will get an alert in Icinga with Red mark.

Icinga Extension

These are the very simple steps to configure Icinga Status Extension on the Chrome browser.  

There is one more plugin imoin like Icinga status, Try this one also…

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